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Real-time feedback to boost your swimmers’ engagement, enjoyment and performance

Imagine being able to provide coaching feedback to your swimmer while they are swimming so they can correct their stroke. Not waiting until they got to the end of the pool to receive instructions or not having to shout and stop them halfway during a lap. Well this is now a reality thanks to the autocoach One wearable that provides audio feedback and direct communication from coach to swimmer.

Immerse with autocoach is dedicated to developing smarter SportTech that supports real-time feedback to enhance engagement and enjoyment for swimmers, coaches, spectators and organisers.

Matt Welsh


“Now an athlete can get real time feed back via audio, visual or directly from the coach.” 

– Matt Welsh, OAM former backstroke and butterfly world champion.

Australian Olympic athlete, Matt Welsh is familiar with the communication challenges as both a swimmer and now as a coach. The decorated Australian Olympian has now switched his focus to coaching as Head Coach and independent Girls School, Genazzano, and very much values things that make his role easier.

The Immerse with autocoach ecosystem of products help provide a communication system that connects, inspires and motivates swimmers to improve.

Matt Welsh uses the Immerse with Autocoach products for timing, training and racing events across his swimming program.

Leading Australian Coach, Ian Pope, also uses the autocoach equipment in his daily training and racing with his swim club.

“Autocoach provides the freedom to coach and assess performance without the burden of time keeping.”

– Ian Pope, Australian Olympic Coach and Head Coach of Melbourne Swimming Club

Ian is one of Australia’s most successful coaches having coached over 70 medallists at major international events including Olympics, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games.

By being able to provide real-time feedback in training and during race meets, swimmers are able to stay motivated and set themselves new targets to beat. The increased engagement has supported our new club grow to one of the biggest in Victoria in a short time.

This is where the Immerse with Autocoach ecosystem thrives. Autocoach smart Stopwatches are audio enabled with built-in microphone and speaker. They can call-out measurements verbally, so that there is no need to look at the screen. They can also function as a walkie talkie and a P.A. system, connecting with our speakers.

In the training environment swimmers and coaches are provided with:

  • real-time analytics;
  • visual or audio feedback;
  • training tools like interval training, pace work;
  • automated pre-set time-cycles;
  • co-ordination of large squads; and
  • audio statistics.

This frees up the coach to give more attention to technique and motivation.

At a swim race meet, the system delivers:

  • PB recognition;
  • race analytics;
  • pre-programmed official race commands;
  • versatile wireless race starting; and
  • integration with scoreboard and computer.
Autocoach makes timing, training and racing a lot easier. The system is wireless, portable and expandable.

Feedback is widely regarded as a frequently used and high-impact strategy to progress a learner from current to goal performance. The Immerse with Autocoach system supports performance with increased feedback and engagement from training to racing.