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Steps to enhance experiences for individuals & venues

Initial chat

We first spend time understanding your current situation, future needs and challenges such as better swimmer engagement, motivation or easier ways to run your events. We help you understand what’s possible and ensure you purchase the right technology and system for you.

On-site or virtual consultation

Enquiries for a system that includes a
Multi-functional display, we offer an on-site consultation. We ensure spectators can view the screen and athletes can see their times from the pool. 


There are many ways to mount a display. We determine the best position and ideal way including:

• Bolting it to the wall
• Hanging
• Placing on posts
• Sitting on a trolley


We present a proposal which includes:
• Images of how the screen will look when
  viewed from different angles
• Specifications for the electrician
• Warranty
• Terms and conditions
• Lead time


Ideally when purchasing a display, it’s best to consider the screen at the architectural stage of designing the swimming pool. We can work with architects or pool designers early on to ensure you’ve maximised the positioning of the display rather than dealing with changes or compromises after the pool is built.

• Easy to run events
• Motivated athletes
• Engagement
• Fun & enjoyment

Installation and onboarding

When purchasing, we provide a visual mockup and we work with the IT department, electricians and Aquatics Manager for the installation.


Our group training covers an in-depth overview of the equipment, relevant functionality and time for Q&A. The duration is one hour either in-person or via Zoom. We ensure everyone is fully confident in using the equipment.

and support

We provide general servicing and repair products under warranty but other repairs are an extra cost. On call support is provided usually when a race meet is run for the first time.

Event Preparation
and Management

We can help prepare and organise the meet but also assist on the day to ensure the event runs smoothly. When people are confident to prepare a meet and use the technology, the event practically runs itself.

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Let’s help your School, Club or Aquatics facility enhance their swimming experiences.