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6 Ways to use the Autocoach LED Displays

The versatile, adaptable LED displays for your swimming training sessions.

A popular product among Immerse customers, is the Autocoach LED digital displays. This is because they are multi-purpose, making them a great investment for your aquatics facilities, schools and swimming clubs.

Key Functions

Adapt from digital clock, to pace clock for training or a race meet results – controlled by the autocoach stopwatch remotely or manually from the device.

The Autocoach LED Displays can rotate between these key functions:

  1. Digital clock – tell the time
  2. Digital pace clock, use for training sets
  3. 6 x cycle pace clock
  4. Marshalling instructional display
  5. Race results, times and records
  6. Use as timer – count up or count down including pause

What’s great about them?

The Autocoach LED displays are built for the aquatics environment. What makes them unique is the following features:

  • waterproof and durable for the aquatic environment;
  • portable – you can move them or take them to any facility or wall-mounted;
  • synchronise – if you have more than one, they can be easily synchronised;
  • colour messages with adjustable brightness for indoor and outdoor areas;
  • battery rechargeable and able to last to last the whole day;
  • instantly display of start commands and results from Autocoach race meet system – time, place and custom message; and

  • LED units can adapt, integrate and expand to suit your venue needs.

See a quick demo of some of the functions your Autocoach LED display can perform in this video below.


Want more details?

We work with school sporting heads, aquatic centre managers and swim clubs to deliver amazing swimming experiences for their swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators.

Contact our friendly team to request a brochure or find out more about how you can integrate with your autocoach stopwatch and speaker for a complete training set.

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